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Upright Headstones

Throughout New Zealand each cemetery has its own specifications governing stone size, materials and bases that can be used. This section covers options available for memorials, covering ashes and burial areas. The same type of memorial can be selected for both areas, with the ashes memorials being on a smaller scale. We know all the sizes and specifications for the greater Wellington cemeteries and can find out the requirements for other regions.

The following pages show different aspects of an upright headstone and explain it so you can decide what style of finish, what shape of stone and type of base you would prefer.

When considering an upright headstone it may help to be mindful of the following points.

  • Concrete and plaster bases are more cost effective than granite bases. The sloping M5 base is the top end of the scale.
  • Popular shapes are generally in stock or readily available and are completed in a 4-6 week time frame.
  • If you would like a unique design or wish to design something yourself we can offer the option to manufacture locally or source from overseas. Locally can generally be crafted in our normal time frame of 4-6 weeks. If we source from overseas there is normally a 2-3 month wait for the stone to arrive, after which lettering and installation takes place.
  • We have memorials to suit all budgets with reusable, repolished memorials a cheaper option when available or specials and clearance stock from time to time.