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Second Inscriptions

Couples or families often have a shared burial or ashes plot. Memorials for such plots can consist of a single stone with inscriptions for two or more people. We can add the matching inscription on the existing memorial using the space that has been left blank. The existing inscription is refurbished and looks like new again.

Second inscriptions are usually designed to be in keeping with the original wording. Further detail can be added to the memorial for example photos and artwork if space allows. On occasions if there isn't enough room to accommodate a further inscription we have the option of replacing the stone or more often than not, the existing stone is able to be repolished to start again with the appropriate tribute.

We are able to match any inscription whether it be a new computer style or old hand lettering. Aaron takes great pride in hand drawing and hand cutting the lettering to match any older font used.

For an upright headstone, we clean the base as part of the job and check if the vases are in good condition. We advise if they need replacing and get the whole memorial looking like new. For plaques we can replace the vases if needed and any plaster repairs that are required can be done at the time of reinstallation.

In the following gallery we show before and after photos of memorials that have had a second inscription.