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Other Services

We work on projects that people often do not associate with Monumental Masonry. From war memorials to fixing broken statues, foundation stones for new buildings, painting caskets, boxing gym plaques, sand blasting names onto steps and tiles, doing entrance signs for new subdivisions to hand cutting letters in the middle of the Wellington Airport. Have a look at the different sections within this tab and check out the different projects we have completed and services we offer over and above monumental masonry. If you have got something that you think we could help out with do not hesitate to contact us.

Please click on the following links, these pages describe some of the other services that we offer.

We also provide the following services, please contact us for more information

  • Cutting ashes holes into concrete floors for ashes burial
  • Drilling vase holes for placing flower vases on new concrete beams, concrete floors and bases
  • Cutting granite panels
  • Edge polishing
  • Glass sandblasting
  • Basic signwriting