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Hand Cutting

Aaron is one of the few in the trade who can cut lettering into granite or marble by hand chiseling the letters. He was lucky to be taught this craft by a very skilled tradesman who started as a monumental mason when the hammer and chisel was the only means of inscripting a stone. For something a little different than the computer generated lettering and sandblasting options out there, handcutting goes right back to traditional lettering methods. Aaron has completed works for the Public Trust, hand cutting the company phrase into stone for the boardroom. A project for Gareth Morgan investments, handcutting into a huge slab of granite in the middle of the Wellington Airport with amazed people wandering by. Aaron has been commissioned to do all sorts of tasks involving handcutting, so if you have a project that needs a traditional touch, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please click on the link below to see Aaron handcutting at the Wellington Airport and check out the gallery below.