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In recent years the ceramic photo has become commonplace on memorials. These are robust and long lasting.

The better the photo you provide, the better the final result on the ceramic. The best photo to use is a good quality original printed photo or high resolution digital photo. If the photo needs to be scanned, the scan must be at least 400dpi. If the background needs changing or people removed, we take care of that for you. We can also bring two people from separate photos to one. A wide range of shapes are available, oval, rectangle, scrolls, also gold fillet borders and image to edge. You will find it all detailed in the gallery.


These are only able to be produced on black granite. They are done using a dot system and are very clear from normal standing/viewing distance. Proofs can be produced to get an idea of the finished product. Once the proof is confirmed the mask is produced, sandblasted and then painted. Traditionally rayzist images are painted in white, but we have coloured them before and achieved great results.


This is an exact digital replication of a photo and is best used on black granite. The laser burns the image just on the surface of the highly polished granite. This produces a very detailed image, usually left unpainted for a subtle look. The image can be painted white or in colour to make it stand out further.

Please check out the gallery and the many photo options. Descriptions are at the bottom of the photo for your reference.